About Us

ECARD Inc. is a FinTech company based in New York. With a vision to improve the ever-changing financial ecosystem, the company delivers a better, faster, and simpler payment solution for customers who travel internationally or make day-to-day purchase at home.

To break the barrier of global payment system and redefine the way people bank in the world, ECARD Inc. utilizes advanced technologies to provide an innovative financial service that enables frictionless transactions among individuals and organizations beyond countries and regions.

ECARD is the first U.S. issued UnionPay EMV Prepaid card that has a worldwide acceptance. Besides basic financial card functions, ECARD supports online payment and mobile account management that satisfy customer’s needs. ECARD sets up business partnerships with merchants around the world to provide tremendous cashback for card holders. ECARD holders also have accesses to diversified merchant offers and rewards from UnionPay International.